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Raw transcript of Episode 1 - Launch Anxiety from WhatDaFox: Rebased podcast.

Hi there folks.

Welcome to episode one, launch anxiety. Today I'd like to talk to you about MVPs or minimum viable product, or basically your first prototype.

So I'm almost ready to launch the MVP of one of my projects, Speakbox. I am working with two co-founders on this project, Aidan, which is behind the idea of Speakbox, and he's the subject expert, especially because he's working every day in the mental health field. And, Benjamin, which is the newest addition to the team and, he's working primarily on the strategy and also the marketing once we have our MVP out there. So Speakbox is a mental health collaborative care platform, what that means is that you can collaborate on your mental health with any health provider that you want via the application.

So we have a mobile application for the public, which will be free forever, and you can download it on the stores and it will allow people to check in daily on their mental health to learn about the techniques to maintain and improve mental health. Set goals to themselves, keep track of it, keep a journal of their thoughts and emotions during the day. But should they need it someday, they will also be able to collaborate with their counselor, their psychologist, or any other care provider they want, sharing notes after each session, sharing the progress daily using the application, as it will be shared between the care providers they allow onto the application into their record.

The other side is a web application. It's going to be for the care providers. It's where they're going to be able to keep a record of their clients, be able to share information with them, share the session notes, as we talked about before, and receive any information that the clients want to share with them.

Behind the scenes though, this application actually has a lot of multiple components. There's the Speakbox mobile application, which has built with NativeScript and, it powers the whole mobile application, it's connected to Firebase as well to save the data and everything.

Speakbox Care on the web is built with Nuxt.js, and it is just a normal web application basically, but it also uses Firebase behind the scene. And then there's a few other components: we're also using cloud functions for a bunch of little things that we need to do, and there's also an authentication app, which is basically what handles the verification of emails, reset passwords, and so on.

Launching all these things, though, as a solo developer is a ton of work, it could also be stressful at times. So there's always a little bit of apprehension before launching something. I think some of you can relate to that. Even as a musician in the past, like launching a new song or a new music video was always this big fear in the back of my head. And it's like, "Oh, what will the first feedback going to be? What will people think of the project? Will it improve people's job or even life? (Sometimes) Will I be swarmed with a bunch of bug reports on the first day?"

So yeah, I tried to test everything I can, obviously, but being solo, there might be stuff that I'm missing out, that I forgot to do or those kinds of thing. Even though I have checklists everywhere, especially because on this project, like some of the tech is like new to me. I actually learned NativeScript before building the project, so I'm still fairly new to it. I don't necessarily know all the quirks and all the ways of NativeScript, so I'm still learning on that.

And so I'm not as comfortable working with it as I would be with Vue.js or Nuxt.js or, any other web application. So at the same time I try to relax, be reminding myself like, it's just an MVP after all, there will obviously be a ton of things to iron out, especially after lunch and, the initial user feedback will, hopefully, be extremely valuable and like teach us a bunch of things and probably give us new ideas on how to make the product better. So I'm actually looking forward to that. And in the beginning, the adoption should be kind of slow and steady. I know my cofounders are going to do the best to actually help and try to put people on the platform and I'll do the best as well, but we still have to promote it and introduce it to people and kind of present the project to the world. So we'll see. Hopefully everything will go well. I cross my fingers on that one.

So yeah, that's it for today. If you want to read the transcript for this episode, make sure you check my blog, whatdafox.com, and if you have a topic you'd like to discuss, a project you'd like to share. If you want to have a chat with me on this podcast, or if you just want to say hi, feel free to reach me, on Twitter and, I'll put my profile in the description and I'll see you later.